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Bamboo Tea Strainer


Beautiful handcrafted Chinese tea strainers to strain your tea in the traditional way. These are the perfect alternative to single-use tea bags and work great with any tea leaf. The tight weave/small holes prevent any tea leaf from escaping.

Simply put your choice of tea in the basket and place in a cup of hot water, and enjoy a waste-free cup of tea! 

These come in 4 styles, 2 with rattan weave and 2 made with solid bamboo. 

The Conscious Bit

Handmade bamboo tea strainers. Handmade products require less energy and natural resources, which result in significantly lower carbon footprints than items made on mass production. Handmade products are handcrafted with care, precision, and high-quality materials that make for longer-lasting products.

Eliminates single-use tea bags.

The Boring Bit

Dimensions; Rattan 1 (14x7.5x2.5cm), Rattan 2 (14.5x3), Bamboo 1 (17.5x4.5x3.5cm), Bamboo 2 (10x5x4cm).

100% bamboo

Handwash only, not suitable for dishwashers.