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Christmas Mix & Match Cracker Gold, Personalisable

Sold Out :(

Our single mix & match crackers are designed to avoid excess waste by allowing you to order the exact number needed.

Lovingly crafted by hand using high-quality kraft paper, each cracker is finished with a hand-tied raffia bow, and can be individually personalised with the name of your choice.

Each cracker includes a loud snap, gold paper hat, joke, matchbox puzzle and Tony's Chocolonely chocolate.

The Conscious Bit

These simple, yet fun and stunning crackers are also kinder to the planet due to the materials and contents we use. We purposefully chose components, including the contents, that can be completely recycled.

The contents are intended to be enjoyed at the dinner table, rather than the usual useless contents which are usually discarded to the back of a drawer or put straight in the bin.

We care about our planet so are proud to be taking steps to cut down our impact on the environment. As well as offsetting our carbon emissions we plant a tree for every online order.

The Boring Bit

WARNING! Not for sale to persons under 12 years. Do not pull near eyes or ears. Do not remove snap. Pull both ends at arm's length firmly and sharply.

Colours may run or stain if items become damp or moist and may fade in direct sunlight.

Keep away from naked flames or other heat sources.

Colours may vary from images shown and will also vary depending on the screens colour calibration. We try wherever possible to show a true and accurate representation of our products.