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'Jeremiah In Stocks' - Alistair Grant (1968) Print


These prints are from the late 1960s and show the strong influence of figurative abstraction and surrealist elements in Grant’s work. The shapes he uses become a visual vocabulary and are ciphers of existing forms – organised on strongly coloured backgrounds which allows them to be read as landscapes. This approach to describing a sense of place finds echoes in the St. Ives artists though Grant’s work have their own unique character. 

Framing is available on request, framed image shows the print in a Walnut Box frame. 

The Conscious Bit

Buying vintage products allows us to add items to our home without using additional resources in manufacturing and in turn putting strain on the planet.

The Boring Bit

Etching with Aquatint, Print 4/30

40.64 x 35.56cm

Signed in pencil on the front left