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Resin Soap Holder


 Hand poured resin soap holder, adding a unique touch to your bathroom. 

The Conscious Bit

Handmade and environmentally friendly resin soap holder. Handmade products require less energy and natural resources, which result in significantly lower carbon footprints than items made on mass production. Handmade products are handcrafted with care, precision, and high-quality materials that make for longer-lasting products.

The Boring Bit

Dimensions: 13.5 x 9.5 x 2 cm

Made from 100% inedible polyurethane resin.

Each piece is hand-made and therefore unique which means they won’t be exactly the same as the images provided. Slight variations in the hues and colours’ distribution are likely to happen.

Direct sunlight may change the look and the colour of the item's pigments. Avoid the proximity to heat sources of more than 40°C/40°F.

Not suitable for dishwashers.